Voltcon Group a leading bulk commodity trading solutions provider to clients across the globe.

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Voltcon Trading


Voltcon is an energy, infrastructure, technology and commodities company. Today voltcon group has worldwide export and import of Mineral, Crude Oil, Pipe, Poles and Steel, products a day... Read More

Trading News

Voltcon India's the largest suppliers of Mineral Global success, Mineral Export Best Quality, Best Price, Trading News Read More

Partnership & Collaboration

Voltcon Group collaboratively with our customers and partners to identify and implement innovative solutions .We invest in long term partnership and understand that the commercial can vary over time...Read More

Voltcon Foundation

Voltcon first began making charitable grants in 2015 and established the Voltcon Foundation in 2019. The Voltcon Foundation aims to help children and family...

Voltcon Education


Voltcon Foundation provides Technology in Education initiative focus on appropriate use of technology to improve teaching and learning processes by working with both teachers and students with a difference for the students coming from an economically challenged background. Read More

Community Health

Voltcon Foundations has been engaged in the field of public health, developing and supporting initiatives to address some of the major issues Read More

Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Voltcon Foundation and plays a critical role in promoting social businesses with a revenue model that creates social value.Read More


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ISE: Voltconresources among the most sustainable companies on B3


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New department

Voltconresources creates Social Investment Department