This grade has a wide variety of industrial applications roof felts. Waterproofing for roof & floors, anti rust pipe coating, ANTI slip layer compound for poling, sound dampening felts, under carriage sealant and coats in the automotives, electrical cable joint protection and etc
Characterisitics Value Test Method
Specific Gravity @25/25°C 1.01-1.06 ASTM D-70
Penetration @ 25°C 10-20 ASTM D-5
Softening Point °C 85-95 ASTM D-36
Ductility°C 5min ASTM D-113
Loss on heating 0.2 Max ASTM D-6 & D-5
Drop in Pen After Heating % 20max ASTM D-6 & ASTM D-5
Flash Point°C 225min ASTM D-4
Solubility in TCE 99.5min ASTM D-4
Spot Test negative A.A.S.H.T.O.T.102

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