BITUMEN 90-130

Road Bitumen 90/130 isused for construction and repair of road surfaces, designed for various types of road application such as hot asphalt and bituminous mixtures, recommended for regions with temperate climates
Characterisitics Value Test Method
Specific Gravity @25/25°C 1.01-1.06 ASTM D-70
Penetration @ 25°C 90-130 ASTM D-5
Softening Point °C 45-45 ASTM D-36
Ductility°C 100min ASTM D-113
Loss on heating % wt 0.5 Max ASTM D-6
Drop in Pen After Heating % 20 Max ASTM D-6 & D-5
Flash Point°C 200min ASTM D-92
Solubility in TCE % wt 99.5min ASTM D-4
Spot Test negative A.A.S.H.T.O.T.102

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