Hot Rolled Steel Coil

Hot rolled coils/sheets meeting various quality standards & sizes can be made available as per requirement.

The main benefits of our hot-rolled steel include:

Enhanced end product performance
Extended product life
Stronger, lighter products
Opportunities to cut costs
Repeatable, trouble-free processing
Opportunities to simplify processing
Maximised yield


Agricultural equipment
Armour steel
Automotive components
Construction and building components
Domestic appliances
Electrical goods
Infrastructure and street furniture
Pressure vessels and boilers
Ship plate
Trucks and trailers
Tubes and sections
Heavy vehicles equipment

Supply - product conditions

Hot-rolled steel can be supplied with the following product conditions, finishes and surface treatment

Side/surface condition non-pickled pickled pickled and oiled
Mill edges Yes Yes Yes
Trimmed edges - Yes Yes

Trimmed edges available in thicknesses up to 5mm for products from the UK and 6.35mm for products from the Netherlands.
The steel grades shown on the following pages belong to the standard range offered by Tata Steel. Please contact us regarding other specifications we may have that meet your needs.