Iron Ore Pellets

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Introduction of the Iron Ore Pellets 63%

Iron ore and spraying counterweight iron ore, which is composed of iron pills after heat treatment, high hardness, sharp edges and corners, its broken after the formation of the sharp edges make it has a high speed spray etching and scraping characteristics, especially using the etching and scraping to demand higher metal surface treatment, surface treatment is often used for outdoor sand blasting operation project. Iron ore with moderate hardness, toughness, impact resistance, can use repeatedly for several times, long service life, good elasticity, strong adhesion, fast cleaning, sand, low consumption, not broken, clean up the workpiece intensity big, the effect is good.

Usage of the iron ore pellets 63%

  • 1. with heavy iron sand; with heavy iron sand (scientific name is also called heavy sand, pressure sand, filled sand, bearing sand), the raw material is out of the steel ballast, steel, grinding through the ball mill grinding, Machine screening can form a different density of iron with iron. For the weight or weight with the iron sand, iron ore; general weight of iron with a gravity of 4.2-7.2 (bulk density of 2.5-4.8) between the customers are the drainage density (true proportion of the drainage density) is concerned. Different counterweight products require different proportions of weight iron sand. Sports and fitness supplies weight; electrical counterweight weight; concrete counterweight; hull large mechanical engineering machinery pressure and so on.
  • 2. spraying iron sand; moderate hardness, high toughness, good self-sharpening, low sand consumption and recyclable recycling, grinding pieces of good finish; and chemical composition of stability, wear resistance, acid and alkali. Especially its high hardness, specific gravity, chemical stability and its unique self-sharpening advantages, as a sandblasting process with the choice of abrasive; at the same time is sand blasting, cleaning the workpiece, grinding and polishing the ideal material. Spray iron is mainly used for copper, aluminum polishing.
  • 3. iron sand pill; mainly used for steel surface blasting pretreatment. The hardness of the iron sand pills is high, and the sharp edges formed after crushing make it have high speed jetting and scraping characteristics. Especially for the etching and scraping requirements of higher metal surface treatment, but also commonly used in outdoor blasting operations surface treatment works.
  • 4. the reduction of iron powder due to easy oxidation, it is necessary to crush the classification must be carried out in the state of the protection of the gas, the general ultra-fine comminution grading is to use nitrogen protection crushing classifier for ultra-fine grinding classification, if only to the reduction of iron Powder for high-precision classification is only necessary to use nitrogen protection grading machine can be. In the chemical production and laboratory operations commonly used as high-quality reducing agent; for powder metallurgy products to restore iron powder and other fields.

Usage of the iron ore pellets 63 to 67%: What are they used for?

  • 1. Chemical iron sand: Main used to titanium pigment and industry. Fe 80-90%. Size 30-200mesh.
  • 2. Metal replacement iron sand: Main used to copper and other metal for melt. Fe 70-90%, Size 60-200mesh.
  • 3. Filling iron sand: Specific gravity 2-4.5T/m3, Size 80-200mesh.
  • 4. Water treatment iron sand: Fe 75-90%, Size 30-300mesh.
  • 5. Magnetic iron sand: Fe 70-90%.
  • 6. Produce heat iron sand: Used to Natures Purest, warmer pad.
    Fe 85-90%, Size 60-200mesh.
  • 7. Soil improve iron sand: Fe 60%, magnetic 95%; Fe 85%, magnetic 5%.
What are they used for?
The pellets are used in the production of steel which is used in the construction of bridges, cars, planes, bicycles, household appliances and much more.
Specification of the iron ore pellets 63% to 67 %
FC 60-98%
C 0.5%
Si 2.2
Mn 2.2
Hardness 5.1-5.2
Balanced Weight High density
bulk density
Specification of the magnetite sand
Bulk density 4.58g/cm3
volume-weight 2.6g/cm3
Hardness 5.5-5.6
Fe2 23.85%
Fe3 40-42%
Fe3O4 4.45%
Al2O3 0.165%
S 0.26%
Product Description
Chemical Composition: Fe2O3 Moisture Lever: Low Moisture
Size: 3-15mm Shape: Fines (Powder)
Concentrate Or Not: Is Concentrate Moisture (%): 2% Max
Fe (Min): 60% Product name: iron ore pellets 67%
Application: Water Treatment Iron Ore: 68-65
S: 0.26% SIO2: 3.0% max
C: 0.5% Max Si: 2.2
Purity: Pure Sample: free
Bulk density:
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
25000 Ton/Tons per Month iron ore pellets 67%

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